Have you ever done your own researched in hometown ?

Would you be interested in making a video about it? I love my area and love finding new facts out in this video tour. I’ve always kept the elementary basics of our town’s history in my mind. After, we were taught all the biggest wars and those who made an evolutionary impact. We keep theContinue reading “Have you ever done your own researched in hometown ?”

Justice Scene for Victims

How does a mother handle a situation she has no control of. She can handle the safety concept of her children but the justice part seems undetermined and not understanding. Is credible evidence enough to fight for the children. Will another abuser of the law get away. The process of domestic violence in the justiceContinue reading “Justice Scene for Victims”

My Reflections on Writing

Have you ever thought that writing could be encouraging and help you feel confident and relieved for a moment? Writing has always been very beneficial in my life in many ways. Writing helps me feel organized, proud, and even makes me feel better on days when I am at my lowest. I can’t say thatContinue reading “My Reflections on Writing”