Therapy and Comicality Intertwine

When I say comedy I mean we don’t always ask serious questions. We play games such as card therapy games and board games. Did you know places offer therapy with horses? Offering discounts for a family wanting to add it to a specific day of week before retirement of day may cause awareness. Does notContinue reading “Therapy and Comicality Intertwine”

I Hear Mom in My Voice

Remember being a teenager ? Did you feel like all the adults didn’t understand you and that life seemed so hard. I remember thinking my mom knew nothing about being a mom and compared her to other moms who would let my friends do whatever they wanted. I would get so upset because I feltContinue reading “I Hear Mom in My Voice”

Puja: experiencing a peaceful environment for a Ritual Report

                                    An experience into the religion of Buddhism On April 21, 2019, I attended a religious ceremony at the Buddhist Association of Pa, in Columbia, Pennsylvania. I could tell that this Buddhist temple follows a certain form of Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism is for everyone and not just for the monastic elite. When I entered,Continue reading “Puja: experiencing a peaceful environment for a Ritual Report”