Life Begins When We Stop Living for the Approval of Others — Chateau Cherie

Sadly, many targets of bullying seek approval from others, but what’s really bad is that the people they seek approval, validation, and acceptance from are mostly people who absolutely could care less about them. What’s even worse is that many of those targets seek approval from are their bullies- people who have absolutely zero respect… LifeContinue reading “Life Begins When We Stop Living for the Approval of Others — Chateau Cherie”

Counseling Could Save a Elementary Student Future Coping Skills

Since the commencement of the school year, have you noticed that your five or six years old has acquired a new type of attitude? I know I did. It took about five months for me to recognize that she was undergoing something traumatic at school. I could not fathom why she kept speaking back toContinue reading “Counseling Could Save a Elementary Student Future Coping Skills”

Propitious Multimedia

Ding! An email app has sent an alert notifying that the monthly bank statement previously sent through mail is ready. Thereafter, an alert from a HACC “Brightspace” page has sent out notifications that a quiz on Math 055 received a 100 percent and that the final grade is a 98.86 percent as of that moment.Continue reading “Propitious Multimedia”

No paradise in the Presence of Dereliction

Imaginative writer Ursula Le Guin introduces her short story “The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas” with a utopian setting of what Omelas’s City is like during the jubilant Festival of Summer. The Festival of Summer is supposed to be a celebration of life and not a celebration for the death of enemies. The authorContinue reading “No paradise in the Presence of Dereliction”

My Reflections on Writing

Have you ever thought that writing could be encouraging and help you feel confident and relieved for a moment? Writing has always been very beneficial in my life in many ways. Writing helps me feel organized, proud, and even makes me feel better on days when I am at my lowest. I can’t say thatContinue reading “My Reflections on Writing”

Puja: experiencing a peaceful environment for a Ritual Report

                                    An experience into the religion of Buddhism On April 21, 2019, I attended a religious ceremony at the Buddhist Association of Pa, in Columbia, Pennsylvania. I could tell that this Buddhist temple follows a certain form of Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism is for everyone and not just for the monastic elite. When I entered,Continue reading “Puja: experiencing a peaceful environment for a Ritual Report”