My Short Bio

Hey I’m Catherine

[…] So I am always a shy person but once you get to know me, I noticed that I have a good amount of Facebook likes with a median of per se 40 likes. I know it’s not in the thousands, but I met at least 90 % of people I found to have had a good conversation with. I often emphasize when others are feeling certain why about a certain action, not just by me but from others around the room. I don’t believe in bringing anyone down either for their mental (like me), disability, or even if your wellness and physical isn’t harmful to your strength. I have researched for 2 1/2 years of genes has provided me. I was annoyed that doctors were not listening to my issue and always stated it was Anxiety, Depression, Postpartum depression, Bipolar. My mistake was not asking the right doctor. I want others to understand the importance of finding a doctor who listens to a patient. Maybe reassure them that they are okay or that we need to be careful. I found a doctor who listened to me because I told her the same issue, I had I cannot stop feeling so exhausted if I eat or if I sleep enough or a little. No sleep schedule worked for me, she sent me to a sleep study. I was like wait I’ve always wanted a job where I can sleep but this isn’t the same thing of course but it’s like something I like to do anyway and that’s sleep. I fell asleep in church, school, college it would occur once in a while along with that feeling of waking up because you thought you were falling off your desk but really you just fell asleep. Yeah, that happened to me in middle school when the desk felt slippery and hoped to not fall asleep because I was tired. Even those were not as often as that content feeling of feeling so tired. Coffee often helped get me awake for an hour or maybe I was used to it, but it still didn’t last longer than that. I found from the sleep study that I have Narcolepsy. My hopeful goal is to make a health system where instead of offering multiple chemical tablets to offers a way where they may adapt naturally instead of trialing all these mental invaders that some bodies like mine find as an attack. They should offer genealogist services to find out the risk if diagnosed with constant conditions or doctor visits or simply because the patient needs to relieve some stress about who she is. If someone does not want that type of test and is just suffering from mental conditions instead of offering medications that are addictive and expensive offer my insurance to pay for wellness programs such as yoga, gym, for children programs (which I can’t afford because I am still a student almost graduating from college and to afford programs for children to feel good and exercise the school and rec centers charge 60 dollars and that times 3 180, and sports are another expense and I want them to be in it and they ask and I could imagine all the families suffering from this. I imagine it’s been worse since covid because it’s pricey. I just want us, humans, to be heard and listened to, and not that I want better communication amongst the worlds. Anyway… I tend to get off-topic and go into detail so sorry for that. Fortunately, I got taxes back and paid for a sale on to find out who I was because all I knew was, I was Puerto Rican… and that’s it. I knew parts of where my grandparents and parents lived but that was about it. I began my research and gain an understanding of how my body and feelings have related to my genes. I am a mother of three who I raised as a mother/father full time. After, the divorce from their father I finally got my GED. I was 26 at the time and now I’m about to graduate at the age of 29. I also had a part-time job but haven’t worked since the shutdown and the kiddos had to be homeschooled. Now, I’ve met a perfect man that loves the children as much as I do, and we both just want to better ourselves and we want to create memories as a family. What we have feels so true, he understands me, which I love. He doesn’t judge me or call me lazy because I’m a little more tired. He doesn’t tell me to stop being so emotional instead he listens. That’s what every partner needs. That is true love.