I Hear Mom in My Voice

Remember being a teenager ? Did you feel like all the adults didn’t understand you and that life seemed so hard.

I remember thinking my mom knew nothing about being a mom and compared her to other moms who would let my friends do whatever they wanted.

I would get so upset because I felt she was overprotective and thought I was easily influenced.

Well growing up and becoming a mother of three has helped me to understand my mother more than ever.

The way I worry about everyone around the kids and whether their intention is to hurt because of all the sad things we see in media. It’s like you don’t know everyone deep secrets. How are we to know ?

I hold their hands to cross the street and have a panic attack if they are behind me and not in front of me.

My mom, the way she tries to protect me from a baby till now is inspirational. The sacrifices she made I found myself making similar ones.

Is it genetics or is it just how I was raised ? In pictures we are often described as looking twins. ( she loved taking pictures in her 20s, just like me)

Do you hear your parents when speaking from your mouth to your kids?

Published by Cat Vee

I want to help this world make a change. The children and the adults of this earth can create a better future. We need to be united not foes. I am a mother of three and currently in the process of obtaining a degree in Business Administration with hopes to become an owner of a Health Insurance and a research company. I want us all to realize how much our voices can be heard!

4 thoughts on “I Hear Mom in My Voice

    1. I love how you put that! “Continuity of the same rhythm of parenting but played in different notes”. It’s cool to the kids become us in similar melodies 😋


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