Justice Scene for Victims

How does a mother handle a situation she has no control of. She can handle the safety concept of her children but the justice part seems undetermined and not understanding.

Is credible evidence enough to fight for the children. Will another abuser of the law get away.

The process of domestic violence in the justice system is almost as traumatizing as just finding out the secrets that were hidden from the one trusted to keep them safe.

Counseling and psychiatric help is on waiting lists and after three months the first child has been seen. Therapy with horses cost $300-$500 each child, how does a parent afford that for three children to get extra mending services. This world is all about money money money.

It needs to be based on humans rights to live happily and take those stressors away. Everyone wants to help but not everyone can. I want to help and can help in any way I can. Not just for my own, but all victims. I went to the court room and saw so many kids and it hurts that this is a raising concern not getting taken care of.

Therapy and Comicality Intertwine

When I say comedy I mean we don’t always ask serious questions. We play games such as card therapy games and board games. Did you know places offer therapy with horses?

Offering discounts for a family wanting to add it to a specific day of week before retirement of day may cause awareness. Does not have to be every week, it can every other day to once a month – either way you get to socialize with your children in ways they want to but may be scared to.

Children are more scared than us to speak their fears and speaking about feelings helps us feel comfortable with each other. Adults need that connection with friends. The children sometimes struggle to make friends during school years I know when I was young I struggled with the fear of speaking because I was scared other kids would laugh at me . Oddly, I felt that way in college before receiving my associate this coming December. Virtually and physically anxiety takes over need to socialize.

Remember we are the past and present molding our precious kids in the preset and preparing their future and the future for ALL children.

Me and the past

It’s Been Awhile…

You may think of that Staind song which I thought of after I had written the title of the first idea that popped in my head. ( my idea was that it’s been awhile since I did my hobby; writing. )

I’ve come to realize the world is criminally getting worse. Those that could be your neighbor or even a past acquaintance. They never seemed troubled in that aspect you thought they could be wrong in. Every noun is interesting it can be either dangerous or safe. To some it is the place they thought was safe.

I’ve come to notice in my state site, the statistics of abuse are higher for the most defenseless, children, teenagers, victims of all kinds of abuse.

There’s shortages of therapies and help for children. Waiting lists or you just gotta work for help when you just wanna give up.

Fortunately, I found great advisors in my academic pandemic life. They helped me fight through and they didn’t have to but they did and for that I root for this school forever. They care about me as an individual, don’t be mistaken there were those who have made me felt isolated. There was about three but many more of professors , advisors, facilitators, and all those who cared about my degree as much as I did. Also those who cared for the class as a whole and accommodated to their needs, they are the ones I find necessary to learn their policies for the future success of students.

I’m seeing that Elementary Schools are trying to cause awareness in children and family activities and that is starting to become a relief. The schools are the children’s safe haven sometimes. Away from home and reminding we should take them out to more activities to help them get through this phase of life.

Keep holding on, and go to help if you want it.

A thought 💭

Frightening Images in Haunted Windows

My love and I love to take trips out of town. Sometimes we go to another state or we go locally. Gettysburg, a town most Pennsylvanian schools take a trip to. As a student the hours are during the day and you go back home.

Now, as a grown up, your able to take ghost tour the night hour. s. We went to this very quiet town dining the day after the sun had set. When you walk around the town it’s full of a silence unknown. Hard toexplain but you belt it in the silence of the famous and of war. town.

On this tour we were with our good couples friend. Oh good to socialize ia 9 relationship. We took a tour and looked a hotel for the night. After the town was introduced and the stories of haunted houses were told, we all decided to take a walk on the serve route are were taught.

I kept getting frustrated when our friend got a few superspicious images and I got none. I remember what the four lady wearing a bigbeautiful dressrepressentythe way style was back then,” when you take pictures go back later and it is known the ghost tried to be seen.”

I gook a bunchof photos and herald been able to go eachcompletely but I did find one evidence of those words in a photo.

Never heard of civil war haunting? Check outthis article to seem some haunted locations https://civilwarghosts.com/hauntings-childrens-orphanage/

How do you think my phone could catch a spooky image? what are your thoughts?

If you zoom into-circled area I marked you will see what I’m talking about!
Here you see her zoom size!

Music for Studying

For many, listening to music is a way to entertain or relax yourself. Similarly, there have been many benefits linked to learners listening to music …

Music for Studying

Facts and Opinions About an Article Written by an MD and Yoga Practitioner

Facts and Opinions About an Article
Written by an MD and Yoga Practitioner

An MD and yoga professional at the same time, Timothy McCall explains questions one may ask. Does yoga encourage change in the way we handle daily stresses? According to McCall, yoga can be a guide to learning ways to break bad habits. The fact stated by this article is that the more you do it, the more you will do it.

Scientists are finding new natural formulas to helping meditation on the skin and on the benefits of Yoga. Scientists are realizing what yogis realized decades ago. Another finding found is that the brain stem is talented at forming new connections against damaged neurons to do what it’s meant to do.  Yoga plays a role in aiding us to control these overwhelmed minds today.

Even though the first attempt at a yoga class was beginning to become a routine as I was able to physically learn an in-person lesson. Changes in routine occurred spring semester of 2019. My mind didn’t grasp the idea that if I made the time for just a quick 30 minutes just like Timothy McCall suggested I could have helped my stresses hurting my body. Rajmani Tigunait expressed similar opinions that of McCall, which a habit forms when that action is performed more and more whether bad or good. Why not make yoga a habit to handle stress when it’s better for the body other than other alternatives used especially in my opinion the teenagers. Yoga should be included in High Schools as it is not a religious practice and even if it is the Constitution will protect you for freedom of religion. There is scientific proof that stress can hurt the body.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

Work Cited

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Timothy McCall, MD. Yoga as a Technology for Life Transformation. 2005. <kripalu.org>.

Yoga As I See It: Same & Different 

Everyone is different and it’s okay to listen. As I listen to the interviewee, I understand that what works for them keeps them happy and that’s all that matter. To me, yoga means to unite with my stress and breath it in and out as I adapt to focusing on my goals. An agreement between us, it does help my flexibility and I do sweat as exercise would. Whether if not exercise and flexibility is the only benefit, I found myself in difference of opinion. Yoga does more for me mentally as I constantly forget that it’s important. It makes me forget what I’m so depressed about or anxious about while focusing on my breathing. I wish yoga was free because I want to join the classes that are in-person as I experienced a few classes before the pandemic. Even though it is costly to join those classes, it’s better to practice at home with YouTube to self-study and make it a routine. Now these yoga classes are my way of relieving stress and being able handle exercise without stressing my traumatized joints. Other forms of meditations that I use are listening and singing music or going on hikes. I constantly search for silence, there is so much noise in my life every day. With all these differences I still had a great conversation in this interview and remembered that understanding is the key. 

I Hear Mom in My Voice

Remember being a teenager ? Did you feel like all the adults didn’t understand you and that life seemed so hard.

I remember thinking my mom knew nothing about being a mom and compared her to other moms who would let my friends do whatever they wanted.

I would get so upset because I felt she was overprotective and thought I was easily influenced.

Well growing up and becoming a mother of three has helped me to understand my mother more than ever.

The way I worry about everyone around the kids and whether their intention is to hurt because of all the sad things we see in media. It’s like you don’t know everyone deep secrets. How are we to know ?

I hold their hands to cross the street and have a panic attack if they are behind me and not in front of me.

My mom, the way she tries to protect me from a baby till now is inspirational. The sacrifices she made I found myself making similar ones.

Is it genetics or is it just how I was raised ? In pictures we are often described as looking twins. ( she loved taking pictures in her 20s, just like me)

Do you hear your parents when speaking from your mouth to your kids?

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